This page will consist of my collegiate accomplishments and experiences.

I began my college career in the Fall of 2006 and like many freshmen had no clear idea of what degree I wanted to pursue. It wasn’t until Fall 2008 when I met with my academic advisor that I found Communications, Public Relations and knew it was for me.
While at UNF I’ve taken many courses and much of that coursework has real world applications and has prepared me with what I know is a solid foundation from which to develop my talents.
For what I want to do in the field of Public Relations, I believe the following courses have prepared me the most:

Introduction to Public Speaking and Public Speaking for Professionals

Public Relations Writing: Learned the basics of writing in the industry, careers involving writing, terminology and ultimately how to convey a message effectively.

Crisis Communications: This course provided the groundwork and also the spark for what I want to do in the industry. We covered media catastrophes, how to develop and execute a crisis plan and value of the individual(s) in charge of handling crises.

Media Theories and Effects/Law and Ethics of Communication: Two separate courses that went hand-in-hand. In media theories we covered the effects of multiple theories and how to identify what theory is best to achieve specific results. With law and ethics we learned the boundaries, rules and regulations governing free speech, privacy, libel, slander and the consequences associated with breaking the rules of our industry.

Campaigns: This course allowed me to take what I’ve learned through college, become a part of a student run agency and develop a PR/Adv/Media campaign for a real client. We build everything from the research to projected outcomes and everything in between. It truly is a slight view of what agency life is or could be like. While enrolled in the class I was the Research Director and our client was Take Stock in Children Nassau County and because of the professionalism of our presentation, a few of our students were actually offered internship opportunities the following semester.


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