Working with WordPress

The management of content is much more than having an idea and a medium with which to share it. In middle school and high school I used Xanga, my first encounter with content management. At the time I really did not understand its purpose, I was unfamiliar with blogs and writing for entertainment or information. I saw it as a way to vent about my life and get to know my friends on a different level.

Fast-forward to 2012, I am starting my internship with the Dalton Agency and I needed a way to reach people that was not Facebook or Twitter. I was simply exploring the concept of blogging, I didn’t know what kind of content I wanted to create, but I knew that I had ideas I wanted to share and needed a clean platform to present them on. Now I have not written many posts on here but I have viewed a fair amount and developed a well-rounded opinion of WordPress.

When it comes to things I enjoy about WordPress as a CMS, the list is short but meaningful. I am a fan of systems that integrate, so being able to create a post and then share the link to my Twitter account does two things: saves me time, and expands my reach. I really enjoy the mobile application, it is clean to look at and really intuitive making for a pleasant user experience. The site itself is simple which is great for me as I do not like when websites are too busy. It allows me to find what I’m looking for with few distractions. My only qualm with WordPress comes when I first started using the system and getting acclimated. I did not find the system easy to begin using and a lot of the settings were a tad cumbersome. As I’ve become more comfortable with the site and it has received updates, I still find myself learning new features and falling back into the difficult to use mindset.

Overall, I do enjoy WordPress and see it as a great CMS for those starting out. As far as scaling it for businesses, small start-ups could benefit from its generally simple nature, but for larger corporations, they may need something a bit more advncaed and interactive.


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