Communications Potluck

It is hard to believe that this first semester is coming to a close. It was only July when we began this journey through digital communications and here we are ten weeks later completing the course. This post is not intended to discuss new topics but more of a reflection of where we’ve come from and where communications may lead us.

As students’ pursuing graduate degrees, we all possessed varying experiences and backgrounds. This made for a dynamic group of individuals with a diverse wealth of knowledge. This course reminded me of the importance of interpersonal relationships in that a large majority of learning took place just through our interactions in the live sessions. The sessions, though structured, were allowed to develop in a manner that was so organic it can best be described as an open forum. Our different personalities were allowed to shine through and really set the tone for the course moving forward. As communications students and professionals, being able to openly discuss various topics really made the experience more personal. Like any other course, we had an objective, but Dr. Strahler really wanted us to drive the course with our discussions. This allowed us to not only draw on our different experiences, but to really learn about one another and really steer the class towards the destination we as students wanted.

As the course came to a close, we began to dive into our individual interests, tracks and reasons for enrolling in the program. This was an interesting time because we got really see our individual passions for Public Relations, Advertising or Journalism. It also allowed us to reflect on our interactions and really envision each other in those fields based on how we interacted in class. Looking to the future, I know that enrolling at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse was a great strategic decision in my career development. I see the passion the instructors and my colleagues have for knowledge and innovation and it drives me to further understand and study digital communications as it pertains to my goals. By the end of this program I am not expecting to understand all aspects of digital media or be a social media guru; I simply want to take an idea that is complex and disseminate it so that it can be understood and enjoyed by the masses.


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