Age of the Smartphone

As long as events are occurring, society will always want to know what is going on in their world. Providing social circles and communities with newsworthy information drives journalism. In today’s world, we’ve become more concerned with when and how we receive this information as opposed to what it is we’re receiving.

As technology develops, we’ve become accustomed to the idea of immediate satisfaction and gratification. We’ve become enamored with not only capturing every moment, but sharing everything as well. The notion of citizen journalism has really transformed as social media has developed. Anyone can now document anything, publish and have an immediate impact on their local community. In the past, different steps had to be taken in order to document, edit and publish content. Today, I can take my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to a concert, take pictures and video, edit them from my perspective and have it published within minutes.

The above scenario has done two things to journalism, made it a discipline amateurs can easily practice and brought journalism professionals under much scrutiny. The reach social media has makes it hard for traditional gatekeepers to regulate what is made public. One thing we’ve repeated in this course is that we are no longer just consumers of digital media, but we are also the providers and consequently the gatekeepers as well. The scrutiny that journalism has come under as a result of citizen journalism has hindered the progress professionals have made to establish and maintain a certain level of credibility. It is easy to post content as an individual when you feel the only consequence is negative commentary, but professionals do not have the same freedoms.

It is our responsibility as both creators and consumers of digital media to practice some social responsibility. Being the first to report an event doesn’t make you the most accurate. As an individual who wants to venture into the space of public relations, I know mobile technology will be at the forefront for the majority of my career. In order to make sure that career is successful, I will have to make the decision between fifteen minutes of fame or twenty years of reliability.


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