How Do You Connect

This week, the Communications@Syracuse July 2015 Cohort discussed ways in which we connect with one another, i.e. social media. As a member of the Millennials, I consider myself fairly adept at the various platforms out there. What I did not realize was how social media has grown and changed our global community into one that now fits onto a HD screen.

Social media has applications across so many platforms, from shopping to entertainment and education to interpersonal. It has changed not only how and why we communicate but is having an impact on the when as well. The current state of technology allows consumers to fulfill the need for immediate response from suppliers, coworkers, entertainers and acquaintances. Gone are the days of waiting for information to be disseminated by conventional means, we now “Google it,” “Shazam it,” or “Facebook it,” to get information when we want it.

The uses for social media are plentiful, think of how many hobbies or people you’ve met just from creating an online profile. With each new digital footprint you make, you are instantaneously connected to others with similar interests on a global scale. For me, that is the most impressive part of applications like Snapchat, Foursquare and Yelp. Applications like these allow me to get immersed into local events, nearby attractions and world-wide celebrations all from a mobile device.

As our society develops, we need to begin thinking about how we will remain connected in the future. What do we need in order to fulfill our growing need for connectivity? Will lose all forms of interpersonal relationships or will we finally slow down, look up from our screens and say, “hello,” to the person next to us?


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