The Digital Footprint

As week two comes to a close and week three begins I am starting to realize just how far we’ve come as a society. The success we’ve had at taking our world and shrinking it down to a hand-held device is a testament to that fact.

This week examined what the internet is and how we utilize it. Using personal experience rather than a technical definition we were able to generate many ideas of what the internet is. To some it is a means of communication, business, education or entertainment. The consensus was that it is a resource which connects consumers and suppliers in a way never though possible.  The manner in which you use the internet defines it for you and dictates what kind of footprint you leave behind.

The digital footprint I’m leaving behind will definitely be based in the social media realm, though the applications I use have changed over the years. Each application or website you use can be viewed as a virtual shoe and your length of usage over time creates your trail of footprints. It is important to know that we all benefit from digital communication. It allows people to work remotely, learn from great distances, shop at faraway establishments and even reunite with loved ones.

Think back to when you first utilized digital communication, was it a pager, cell phone, email or fax? All of these have blazed the trail for the way we communicate today. As long as the internet allows me to explore different methods of communication I plan to try on many virtual shoes and leave behind a valuable trail of digital footprints.


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