Faster than the speed of Communications

This summer, I have the privilege of participating in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University’s first online M.S. in Communications program. Our first live-session met on July 21st and it was like no other course I’ve taken before. Coincidentally, this Introduction to Digital Communications course had us discussing digital convergence. I find it fitting that our program allows for face-to-face interaction, a strong learning management system and combines social media for a world-class experience.

I have taken online courses in the past, but what I’ve experienced in just one meeting has changed my opinion of online for the better. Face-to-face interaction allows me and my thirteen colleagues to experience online education in an entirely knew way. We spoke of the concept of digital convergence while actively participating in the concept itself. If you were to combine Skype, Facebook and in-class lectures you would get the 2u experience! That is what digital and media convergence is all about, taking information we use to consume individual and combining into one medium. My biggest annoyance with conventional courses was that I was not able to apply many concepts to my daily life, but with this platform not only am I applying the concepts to my daily routine but also experiencing every week in class.

When I made the decision to pursue a Master’s degree, I knew the direction I wanted to go; communications is so prominent in our everyday lives and has connected the world in unforeseen ways. I did not however, know which institution I wanted displayed on my degree. Following a few months of research I decided not only was online the way to go, but I wanted Syracuse University. Fast-forward from April to now and I am one class deep into the program and looking forward to the future.


3 thoughts on “Faster than the speed of Communications

  1. mark lazen says:

    On behalf of the Tech team at 2U, hearing this kind of response is what keeps us jazzed about coming to work every day. Thanks Warren and good luck to you.

  2. Cynthia Wallace says:

    Thanks for posting about your experience Warren. I’m applying for the class that starts in October, and am very encouraged by your comments. I hope you’ll continue to blog as the class progresses. And given the program format, maybe we’ll converge online next semester…. Until then, enjoy your cutting edge learning experience!

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