A New Beginning


Every college graduate has dreams of graduating and landing that career-starting opportunity. What some graduates and especially college seniors are unaware of is that job searching is a full-time job. My job search began while interning with the Dalton Agency. While there I was exposed to a sector of the communications field that though interesting wasn’t an area that I wanted to pursue a career in. Months went by and it seemed I would never find a job that would fit my desires. I wanted to be involved in communications, interacting with people, creating plans and informing people about whatever organization I am with has to offer.



Fast-forward to January and I am a month out of school and unemployed, the scariest feeling I’ve ever had. Then on a Monday, a day which many view as the worst day of the week, I received a phone call from PLS Logistics Services expressing interest in hiring me. I was invited to participate in a phone interview Wednesday which led to a face-to-face on Thursday. After meeting with the hiring personnel for the company I knew I found an opportunity that would allow me to do something I enjoy and give me the opportunity to grow with a developing company. That same afternoon I was contacted by the company and officially offered the position of Talent Acquisition Specialist for PLS Logistics Services.



The opportunity to be a member of the Human Resources Department for a developing company and help them grow is a privilege. My advice from this experience to all job hunters is to persevere, be diligent and remain positive. Though my college days have come to an end but 2013 truly has proven to be a new beginning.


Until next time.








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